I’ve rented a beach house this August with a group of women. In preparation I’ve begun the hunt for the perfect summer drink. Here are the criteria:

  1. It must be enjoyable with or without alcohol. For days when you want to go without or are just too darned hungover.
  2. It must be hydrating and not too sweet- think pitchers on the beach. 
  3. It must be delish. 

I came upon the following when prowling the internet. I came across the following when prowling the internet,

ingredients – to make 1
handful of frozen raspberries + extra to garnish
3 slices of lime
5 fresh mint leaves
150ml ginger beer
60ml white rum or vodka
crushed ice

cup your hand and place 4 mint leaves in it. cup your other hand and bring it down over the other, so that it makes a clapping noise (be careful not to squash the mint, you want to release the aroma and flavour without bruising it – also a good trick when using mint in salads).  place a handful of raspberries and 2 slices of lime in a highball tumbler.  using your rolling pin (or muddler if you want to get all professional on me), muddle the contents. add 4 of the mint leaves and top with crushed ice. pour spirit and ginger beer over the ice and stir. garnish with extra mint leaf and raspberries.

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