For the last several years I have been making New Years Resolutions that are motivational and rather specific. Once upon a time I would have the vague goal of finding a job I love and every year would feel no closer to the goal. So I made them small and attainable: In 2008 I vowed to take more picnics,  in 2009 it was to run a marathon, in 2010 it was to buy a home- I choose not to buy but rent and put together a great little apartment of my own. In 2011 it was to complete I triathlon. In 2012 it is to go to graduate  school. I am currently in the process of applying which means the nerve racking task of taking the GRE’s. Frankly I need something to break up my studying with something other than trolling the internet or finding a mediocre program on Netflix streaming. I may have found it in Rosetta Stone. I have wanted to try the program for a while, but as you all know, it is pricey. The other day I thought about the cost of classes and comute time and decided it may not be such a bad deal after all. So I purchased the Spanish (Spain) complete package. I have taken Spanish in the past but have never been remotely fluent. This is addictive! The lessons are fast paced, gradually add in new vocabulary and skills, and are progress oriented. So far, no regrets…. Maybe my resolution in 2013 will be to go to Spain and speak fluently. It is a country I’ve always wanted to visit. 

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